MMA Embarks on Ambitious Research Project

On Monday, at the Mobile Marketing Association’s Mobile CEO & CMO Summit in the Dominican Republic, a major announcement regarding an MMA research endeavor was trumpeted.

Greg Stuart, CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, said today that the association has secured over $1 million in funding to launch the first-ever global, in-market research project that will “evaluate the return on investment that mobile contributes to the marketing mix.”

Called for “Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness,” the research will test real in-market marketing campaigns to determine the relative economic value of investing in mobile channels compared to traditional marketing channels.

Stuart previously led the landmark Cross Media Optimization Study (XMOS) series starting in 2002, turning it into the largest advertising industry research program ever conducted

“We are extremely happy that the MMA is leading the charge with the Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness Study. With the radical shifts in consumer media consumption all around the world, it is vital that marketers get quantitative guidance from the industry on how to best optimize Mobile in the marketing mix,” said Jack Haber, VP, Global Advertising and Digital for Colgate-Palmolive. “This research has the potential to transform how marketing budgets are allocated in the same way as XMOS did.”

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