MMA Drafts Privacy Policy Guidelines for Mobile Apps, Now Open to Public Comment

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced new privacy policy guidelines aimed at governing mobile applications, which are now open to public comment.

The new privacy policy marks the first of its kind to address the “core privacy issues and data processes of many mobile applications,” according to the MMA.  “These new privacy policy guidelines fill an urgent need for all companies doing business in the mobile marketing industry.  The guidelines are intended to provide ways to give the mobile application developer a clear and transparent policy language that can be quickly and completely understood by the consumer,” said MMA Global CEO Greg Stuart.  “Today’s release is the first in series of privacy policy guidelines that the MMA will create with the input of industry leaders across the mobile ecosystem.”

The new guidelines address issues related to things like guidance on core privacy principles and consumer-friendly language for developers to consider using, as well as ways to inform users on how data is obtained and used and how to deal with security and confidential information on behalf of potential users.  Members of the mobile marketing industry (marketers, app developers, media companies, advertising agencies, technology enablers and other) are encouraged to read the proposed guidelines and submit comments to the MMA.  After the comment period closes on Friday, November 18, 2011 the feedback will be reviewed and the privacy policy guidelines will be finalized and released.

You can download a full copy of the policy guidelines here.