MMA Debuts Info-Packed Mobile Marketing 'Case Study Hub'

MMA Debuts Info-Packed Mobile Marketing 'Case Study Hub'Consistent with the Mobile Marketing Association’s stated mission to cultivate knowledge and build capabilities for marketers and agencies, the MMA on Thursday launched what they are calling the “first-ever comprehensive database” of mobile marketing case studies.

The MMA Case Study Hub is a fully searchable database representing “best in class campaigns that set new benchmarking standards for industry excellence,” the MMA says.

For now, we’re looking at approximately 450 case studies from over 40 countries.

Thanks to this new resource, MMA members will gain access to what the MMA sees as a window to how mobile is transforming business and driving the innovation of marketing.

The Hub delivers a clear view of which industries are leading the way and, perhaps most importantly, serves as an inspiration center for the creative and successful integration of mobile as core to a brand’s marketing mix.

“To harness mobile’s power of getting brands the closest they can get to their consumers, it is critical to provide marketers with the proper tools. With this goal in mind, we worked extremely hard at creating a unique and monumental resource, with both depth and quality, for marketers looking to activate the innovation of marketing through mobile,” says Greg Stuart, CEO of the MMA. “With many brands feeling the pressure of mobile marketing adoption, this resource allows marketers to accelerate their own success by better understanding how their peers are using mobile and what’s working and what isn’t.”

To learn more about the Case Study Hub, click here.