MMA Board Members Express Optimism, Expectations for Mobile Marketing in 2013

EMEA board members of the Mobile Marketing Association are weighing in on the future of mobile marketing and advertising in the new year.

Not surprisingly, optimism abounds. That much is clear from the statements released publicly on New Year’s Eve.

“2013 will see the industry finally unlock the potential of mobile as a scalable marketing and commerce channel for advertisers,” says Mandeep Mason, director of mobile advertising at Microsoft. “Apps and emerging technological innovations are shaping how brands can deploy a seamlessly connected and measurable experience to consumers across device platforms.”

Alex Meisl, chairman and co-founder of Sponge, expects mobile apps to grow in prominence and number for companies next year.

“2013 will be a year of realization as companies start to accept that apps are not always the best way to build relationships with consumers via mobile,” Meisl projects. “Mobile-optimized websites are often a better initial solution as they also allow for interaction and engagement while ensuring a high quality of user experience but have the added benefit of being more cost-effectively structured and working across (virtually) all devices and platforms without requiring a chunky download.”

Gavin Stirrat, managing director, EMEA, Millennial Media, expects mobile audience targeting to increase in 2013.

“2013 will be the year advertisers take their campaigns to the next level with audience targeting,” Stirrat says. “Mobile is the only medium that allows advertisers to combine interest data, social data, demographic data and most important of all, location data.”

Do you share the optimism of these industry leaders in mobile?