MMA Announces Finalized Measurement Guidelines For Mobile App, Web Advertising

MMA Announces Finalize Measurement Guidelines For Mobile App, Web AdvertisingOn Thursday, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), the Interactive Advertising Bureau  (IAB) and the Media Rating Council (MRC) announced the final measurement guidelines for  “Mobile Application” and  “Mobile Web” advertising.

With mobile advertising rapidly evolving, there is a critical need for standards and guidelines to unify the industry and maximize its potential for growth and development, the MMA said today in its announcement of the finalized guidelines.

The two complementary guidelines provide a benchmark for mobile advertising to ensure that media companies, networks, ad servers and other active members of the industry deliver high quality data to ad buyers.

The new and updated guidelines include input from dozens of MMA and IAB members, the sales and media buying leaders from across the digital media industry, who volunteered to improve mobile advertising metrics and, ultimately, combat inaccuracies that have the potential to slow the growth of the mobile channel.

Both guidelines went through public comment periods. While the “Mobile Web” guidelines did not result in a great deal of change to the final version, feedback generated by “Mobile App” guidelines did inspire several revisions,

“Finalizing these guidelines is the culmination of a tremendous amount of effort and input from the industry leaders who are incredibly passionate about bringing a higher level of standardization and accountability to mobile advertising,” says Richy Glassberg, COO of Medialets.

The “Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines” are available for download here.   The “Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines” are available separately here.