Mitek: 12 Million Americans Have Deposited Checks Via Mobile

The rate of adoption observed in mobile banking is surprising even the most bullish of industry advocates.

According to the latest data available, Americans have now deposited more than $40 billion into their accounts by simply snapping a photo of a check.

All told, some 12 million mobile users have now made a mobile deposit, a number that is poised to expand further in the wake of new partnerships and opportunities that make mobile banking options more readily accessible.

Mobile Commerce Daily reported Tuesday, for example, that 708 banks and credit unions have signed agreements with Mitek – makers of the leading mobile document capture software – to provide mobile deposit options to customers.

“Mobile deposit, the ability for consumers to quickly and easily deposit checks using their smartphone or tablet cameras has become a must have for banks as consumers increasingly adopt a mobile lifestyle,” says James DeBello, CEO of Mitek.

“Analyst data shows that more than 12 million Americans have deposited checks with mobile deposit and we know that number is growing quickly,” he said. “To put it simply, mobile deposit is not only easy and convenient, it’s fun.”