MindFireInc Debuts QR Barcode Solution For Direct Mail

MindFireInc Debuts QR Barcode Solution For Direct MailDirect mail marketing has been around forever, likely because it’s a solid marketing channel that simply works, while being very cost efficient in the process.  Though the basis for the concept is the same as it’s always been, startups and new-age marketing companies are quickly bringing the medium into the digital age by incorporating elements of Online and mobile marketing to the mix.

One such company, MindFireInc, is doing just that- the company specializes in providing software that turns direct mail into digital lead-generation tools by way of incorporating custom landing pages and URLs for each contact in a mailing list.  Once the direct mail is distributed, consumers are presented with a unique URL and dedicated landing page to respond to.  The end-result is clearly laid-out and organized leads for the marketer within the MindFireInc software, and an easy, unique method for the consumer to respond and interact with the brand when they choose to request further information.

The company has decided to take things to the next step, and are now introducing QR codes as response mechanisms for direct mail.  The new barcodes will act the same as integrated URLs and landing pages, but will require less steps for the consumer to take to respond.  Instead of having to go Online, type a URL and a “code,” a user can now scan the barcode and be taken directly to the landing page.

MindFireInc has strategically placed itself as a founding member of “Dscoop” (Digital Solutions Cooperative), an independent community of HP Indigo owners and operators who focus on supporting each other to “collectively improve their print businesses and the backbone technology of HP Indigo’s digital solutions.”  By doing so, MindFireInc has direct access to showcase and distribute its technology to those who need it the most.

“A significant portion of our revenue growth last year is directly attributed to having MindFire’s integrated marketing technology and support for our customers,” said Susan Moore, co-founder and president of Digital Printing & Imaging Inc, and Dscoop chairwoman.  “MindFireInc is changing the way we prospect for new customers.”

MindFireInc is one of those companies that you hear nothing about, but is making huge progress in their respective niches.  Bridging gaps between legacy marketing channels, such as direct mail, with new-age marketing technology such as QR codes and Online lead-gen, will place MindFireInc in a strong position in the near future.  Something tells me we’ll be hearing much more from these guys in the near future.