Millennials The Driving Force Behind Mobile Travel Research

Millennials The Driving Force Behind Mobile Travel ResearchWhile booking travel on mobile devices is steadily on the rise across all demographics, Millennials seem to be the driving force behind the increase in mobile travel research. While desktop travel research is still the research tool of choice (even for Millennials) mobile devices are steadily on the rise.

In a recent survey performed by Yahoo any highlighted by eMarketer, travelers from 19 to 34 years of age say they research travel multiple ways. For example:

  • 90% use desktop or laptops
  • 74% use smartphone and tablets
  • 62% use smartphones
  • 59% consult with friends and family
  • 46% use tablets
  • 28% use magazines or newspapers
  • 23% use TV or radio
  • 22% use travel books
  • 16% use a travel agent

What this shows is that travelers are searching for far more than just airfare and hotel information. They’re also on the hunt for a travel destination that has the excursions, activities, food, and culture they desire. Today’s travelers want to know how to stay safe while traveling, as well as what they should expect when they arrive.

While travel research is done on a multitude of devices, 9 out of 10 Millennials still book their final reservations on their PC or laptop. However, 46% turn to a smartphone or tablet to book some of their travel arrangements.