Millennials Demand Websites Optimized for Mobile

Millennials Demand Websites Optimized for MobileIt’s no secret that the rising generation is the most mobile of any generation before them. That means that anyone looking to trumpet how awesome their business is needs to be where those Millennials live—on their smartphones.

It’s not just a stereotype—the Millennial generation is the most technology savvy of any purchasing demographic and most check their phones over a hundred times a day and use them for more than eight hours throughout a single day. You’re unlikely to see a Millennial without a phone in his or her hand or pocket. Ever.

This also means that most Millennials expect to be able to access their favorite brands through their favorite mobile devices. This isn’t well reflected in the number of companies that actually are accessible through mobile devices, however, as eMarketer recently confirmed.

Millennials surveyed said that about 70% of the companies they wanted to access didn’t have a mobile app and about 86% didn’t even have a website that was optimized for the smaller screen of a smartphone.

It’s almost hard to believe isn’t it? But yet it’s true. And it’s a huge missed opportunity for brands and businesses that aren’t making mobile a priority.

About half of those surveyed said that they try to access a business’s website at least once a day. That means that those companies that don’t have this functionality are seriously missing out on a potentially significant customer base.