Millennial Releases October “SMART” Report

QUICKSTATSMillennial Media, the leading mobile ad-network who just scored a $16M round of funding, has released its October “SMART” report, or “Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting.”

This month’s report includes a special section dedicated to analyzing the reach, platforms and CTR data associated with mobile apps.  Though you can probably guess who dominates the mobile app landscape, the data still includes some interesting tidbits.

According to the report, Apple dominated the number of total apps year-to-date with 115,00, as well as total app downloads with 100M.  In addition, Apple users downloaded roughly 11 apps per month- three times more than Android users and six times more than Blackberry users.

More interesting though, was that while Apple led with the most entertainment and book apps year-to-date, Android dominated the games category with 32 percent of apps.  In terms of total app downloads, the Android platform accounted for some 20M, while Blackberry users only downloaded 300K.  While Apple’s downloads are still five times that of Androids, it still shows how quickly Android is catching on.

If Apple’s app store and the Android marketplace had launched at the same time, it would be safe to say that Android might have more downloads than Apple at this point- simply because of the fact that numerous devices access Android’s marketplace as opposed to just two with Apple’s.  A better comparison will come next year at this time after numerous Android-based devices hit the market- that should prove to be very interesting data.

What struck me as the most interesting data compiled in this month’s report was average in-app CTR data compiled by Mobclix.  What they found was that in-app CTR varied widely between the various app categories.  Apple outperformed all others in the social, utility, entertainment and navigation categories, while Android outperformed all others in the games category with a 1.8 percent overall CTR.