Millennial Releases June Mobile Device Mix- iPad Requests Grow 206%, Android 439%

The time has come for Millennial to publish it’s latest Mobile Device Mix for June, in which it shows impressive growth for Android-based ad requests, while Apple’s OS remains the top smartphone OS.

For June, iOS retained a 56% share of impressions and an 8% growth month-over-month, while Apple-based ad-requests increased 36% month-over-month.  The iPad showed the largest increase, however, with 206% growth month-over-month- proving increased advertiser-interest in the iPad and tablets in general.

While Android ad-requests showed slower growth than Apple — at 23% month-over-month — Android has grown a whopping 439% since January, proving Android’s continued encroachment into a once Apple-dominated space.

Other notable stats from this month’s report include Motorola moving into the number four position of the top 15 manufacturers in June, bumping HTC and LG from their previous positions.  Gaming apps also continued in the number one spot in terms of apps on Millennial’s network, with a 41% overall share.  For June’s “Device Input Mix,” touch screens remained the primary input method, with a 54% share of impressions and 6% growth month-over-month.

As always, there’s much more info in the report itself, which can be downloaded here.