Millennial Publishes S.M.A.R.T Report For June, Shows 77.4M Users Of The US Mobile Web

Millennial Media published its latest S.M.A.R.T report for June this morning, showing that the US mobile Web has grown by 3% — from 75.3M to 77.4M active users.

Millennial’s US unique audience reach also increased 2% since May’s report, growing from 61.5M to 62.9M users month-over-month, showing an impressive 81% reach of the mobile Web.  As another interesting demographical stat, the report states that Hispanic and Black multi-cultural audiences continue to lead in mobile data usage in the US, with Millennial’s June rankings of the top US mobile DMAs being comprised of high multi-cultural populations.  The top 5 DMAs for June were Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and Sacramento.

This month’s spotlight was on the Entertainment ad vertical, as the industry as a whole in embracing mobile in a big way.  For example, a 300% increase in DVD-release campaigns since Q2 2009 signaled recognition by movie studios that mobile advertising can be used to effectively drive results across all product release windows — i.e. motion picture releases, DVD releases, VOD and more.

In terms of engagement, Millennial is reporting that mobile Web destinations continue to represent the majority, with nearly 80% of Millennial’s entire “Campaign Destination Mix” for June.  Rich media campaigns and app-download campaigns continue to show increased movement as well.

As always, you can view the entire report for all the statistical goodies Millennial publishes.  It can be downloaded here.