Millennial Media’s May 2011 Mobile Mix Report Shows Major Gains Across The Mobile Landscape

From smartphones to tablets, Millennial Media’s May 2011 Mobile Mix Report shows major gains across the mobile spectrum in terms of the growing usage and adoption of mobile’s hottest tools of the trade.

For the 6th straight month, Google’s Android remained the top smartphone OS on Millennial Media’s mobile ad network, hanging on to a commanding 53% of all ad impressions for the month of May 2011.

Apple’s iOS remains a distant second, falling a single percentage point from April to represent 27% of all ad impressions in May.

Of course, no one should feel badly for Apple. The iPhone held on to its position as the top individual phone on our network for the 20th straight month. Apple was also the leading manufacturer on our network with a 30% share.

Meanwhile, impressions on the iPad grew 29% month-over-month. But, perhaps most impressively, during the last twelve months, connected devices as a category are up 190% in impressions.

In terms of the biggest winners in mobile, Millennial Media’s report shows Windows Phone 7 impressions growing 92% month-over-month.

Even feature phones saw some growth with a 6% month-over-month increase, and made up 17% of the device OS mix (as opposed to 67% for smartphones and 16% for connected devices).

The new report also shed some light on the still-surging popularity of music & entertainment application impressions, which grew 14% to take over the number one spot on the Top 10 Mobile Application Categories ranking in May. “This growth reflects the increased use of mobile devices for entertainment,” the report reads. “Music applications continued to drive the most impressions within the Music & Entertainment application category.”

All told, May was a good month for mobile. And, so far, June has been a good month for Millennial Media. In addition to Wednesday’s release of Mobile Mix report, this week the company also raised the curtain on some new tools designed to help developers monetize their apps with mobile ads.

Officially, the new tools are part of a beta version of our developer portal (called mmDev), and one of the key new features is that developers with multiple apps can now implement “house ads.” These are ads they can use to cross-promote one app inside of another one or encourage users to upgrade to a paid version of their app.

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