Millennial Media’s Developer Community Grows 138%, Launches New Android & iPhone SDKs

Millennial Media recently released its third iteration of its Android and iPhone SDKs following growth of its developer community by over 138% since January of this year.

Among the most substantial improvements, the new Android SDK now provides developers parity with iPhone advertising functionality for the first time, including static and video interstitials, expanding banners, transparent overlays and companion ads.

Millennial is setting itself apart from other ad-networks by providing solutions to advertiser-side developers as opposed to just focusing on publisher demands.  While other mobile advertising companies focus primarily on developer publishers, Millennial Media also strives to deliver a development platform upon which agencies and advertiser-side developers can deliver consistent, innovative creative, while reaching the broadest audience.

“On April 9, 2010, we released our iPad SDK and PadMedia Creative Suite™ for developers.  The PadMedia creative provides increased user engagement opportunities for advertisers; and therefore, increased monetization opportunities for developers,” said Steven McCord, Head of Product Development, Millennial Media. “Our new SDK release includes deeper developer tools to integrate this SDK into iPhone or iPad applications.”

The updated Android and Apple SDKs are live and available for download, via Millennial Media’s developer portal, mmDev.