Millennial Media Wows Mobile Marketing Community with mMedia Launch

On Tuesday, Millennial Media rolled out the red carpet for its new self-service mobile advertising solution mMedia.

Now out of private beta and on to full release, mMedia enables advertisers to quickly set up their own mobile campaigns. In doing so, the platform serves up access to a variety of targeting methods to help them reach their desired users.

For example, Millennial Media says, advertisers can use hyper-local targeting to actually draw a shape around a particular location, and only serve ads within that region.

Widely praised by those who have explored and tinkered with the new tool from Millennial Media, mMedia allows mobile app developers, franchises, and small or independent businesses to utilize mobile as a strategic piece of their marketing strategy.

mMedia campaigns can be set up quickly, and advertisers will have access to a comprehensive dashboard that puts them in control of bids, creative, targeting and more.

“mMedia extends our mobile ad platform to developers and advertisers who are looking for a complete self-service solution,” says Chris Brandenburg, Co-Founder and CTO, Millennial Media. “Whether their goals are to monetize an app or to promote a business, the technology behind mMedia helps our developer and advertiser partners unlock the power of mobile and drive results that will scale their businesses.”

As mobile marketing continues to evolve in its myriad applications, companies like Millennial Media are doing a great service to the entire marketing community by placing the needed tools and resources of the craft directly in the hands of advertisers.