Millennial Media Touts New Windows Phone SDK

In recent months, market optimism has swooped into give myriad developers, investors, and mobile users alike fresh incentive to revisit the Windows Phone platform.

To that end, this week Millennial Media announced a new Windows Phone SDK.

Raising the hype for talk that the Windows Phone is the next big monetization opportunity for mobile app developers, Matt Gillis, SVP of Global Monetization Solutions at Millennial Media is drawing attention to company’s latest significant resource.

“The number of apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace has grown by 60 percent, to nearly 80,000 from January to March of this year according to the Windows Phone Blog,” Gillis writes. “During that same time, they report that the number of customer stores around the world nearly doubled, providing 54 markets for developers to sell their apps.”

In the coming months, we expect handset manufacturers around the globe to make a big splash in the marketplace. Wireless carriers will likely respond with serious marketing campaigns to raise awareness and entice consumers with the unique features and benefits of Windows Phone.

“To help developers make the most of this opportunity,” he adds, “Millennial Media offers a suite of self-service mobile advertising tools. Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of our latest Windows Phone SDK. This SDK is packed with innovative features that make it easier to integrate with us and earn more through in-app advertising.”

In short, the new SDK lets developers do a wide variety of cool things, not the least of which is to integrate banner and rich media ads.

To learn more and download the latest Windows Phone SDK, click here.