Millennial Media Talks Tablets and New Tablet Rich Media Features

As tablet adoption surges, so too are the opportunities for mobile advertising on tablets.

This week, leading independent mobile ad network Millennial Media revealed some interesting insights about tablet impressions.

In 2011, for example, 15 percent of MM’s impressions were from “non-phone connected devices” like tablets and e-readers. In 2012, it increased to 20 percent.

“Going hand-in-hand with this,” writes Marcus Startzel, General Manager of Millennial Media, “we’ve seen the tablet landscape become much more diverse, both in terms of device sizes and operating systems. Back in February 2011, 80 percent of our non-phone connected devices were running iOS. In 2012—the tablet breakdown was 58 percent iOS and 41 percent Android, and that included everything from the 7 inch Kindle Fire to the almost 10 inch iPad with Retina display.”

As a direct result of these and other developments outlined today on the official Millennial Media blog, the ad network is rolling out a collection of new rich media features that were specifically designed for tablets.

While some of these rich media features were designed for specific verticals, in general, we aim to make all of our ad units flexible enough that a wide variety of different advertisers can create unique approaches, custom designed for their brand.

To learn more about the new units and their potential, mosey on over to MM and take a look.