Millennial Media Takes SMART Look at Retail and Restaurants

On Tuesday, the team at Millennial Media published its newest SMART report. This time around, the report focuses specifically on the Retail and Restaurant vertical.

Culled from the report are a number of interesting insights that make the vertical unique.

According to the report from Millennial Media, the Retail & Restaurants vertical was the third largest on Millennial’s platform in the first half of 2012. During these six months, spend grew at an average of 11 percent per month.

Increasing foot traffic was the top individual campaign goal in the vertical, comprising 38 percent of all campaigns.

“44 percent of all campaigns in the Retail & Restaurants vertical used a Store Locator,” Millennial says. “This was significantly higher than our platform average of 19 percent.”

36 percent of all campaigns in the vertical featured an mCommerce post-click action, which was 4.5X our platform average. Over 60 percent of Retail & Restaurant advertisers utilized a form of location-based targeting in the first half of 2012.

To learn more about the new SMART report, check it out here.