Millennial Media Takes On The iPad, Set To Release New SDK & “PadMedia Creative Suite”

Millennial Media Takes On The iPad, Set To Release New SDK and PadMedia Creative SuiteMillennial Media has positioned itself to take on the unique advantages of the iPad with its release of a new iPad SDK and its “PadMedia Creative Suite,” which includes standard mobile ad units and new unique ad formats for the iPad.

The new iPad SDK, set to launch this Friday, includes the PadMedia Creative Suite to give advertisers a comprehensive toolkit to utilize innovative approaches to user engagement on the iPad, including ad formats such as;

  • Floating Canvas:  Advertiser chooses where a rich media ad will expand upon click, leveraging the great canvas of the iPad.
  • RTP (Return-to-Play):  Specifically geared towards entertainment developers, these ad units allow consumers to respond to an ad, pausing their application experience and resuming when they are ready.
  • Motion Creative:  Utilizing the iPad’s accelerometer capability; all ad units, including the Floating Canvas unit, can become interactive when the user turns or rotates the iPad in different ways (e.g., these ad units will allow the consumer to pour a beverage into a glass, when the devices is physically rotated from portrait to landscape).
  • Full-page Interstitials:  These full-page ads appear upon application launch or during transition in game play.  Advertisers can use the creatives to brand or promote in-ad interaction and post-click actions.

Millennial has made some strategic moves in recent months to position itself to take on the trend of mobile app monetization and ad-units focused on smartphones and other devices sporting unique input methods such as touch screens.  Two months ago, the company acquired TapMetrics who specializes in mobile application analytics and primarily the usage and behavioral patterns of which.  The company is quick to take the latest trends head on, with its iPad SDK being no exception.

“This new set of creative units have been created specifically to help everyone in the new iPad ecosystem of application developers, publishers and particularly, advertisers, maximize the media capabilities of this new device,” said Erin (Mack) McKelvey, SVP of Marketing, Millennial Media. “Our iPad SDK and creative ad units are more validation that the iPad is a new class of mobile device that delivers an experience as good in the home as it is on the road.”