Millennial Media Releases SDK 5.0 for iOS and Android

On Wednesday, Millennial Media released a major update to its SDK for both Android and iOS.

The ad network’s 5.0 SDK serves up multiple features that will purportedly allow developers to both earn more revenue, and provide a better user experience for consumers.

Today, Millennial Media shared with Mobile Marketing Watch a few specific highlights:

  • The iOS SDK does not utilize UDID. This is not actually a new feature though, and UDID had been removed from each iOS SDK we have released since April of 2012.
  • Fully compatible with MRAID 2.0 from the IAB, which means developers can benefit from additional revenue potential as advertisers seek an MRAID compliant solution for their premium rich media campaigns.
  • Deeper integration with iOS 6 capabilities, including the ability for developers to deliver brand campaigns that utilize Passbook, and an improved experience with FB and Twitter.

“We encourage developers to integrate with us or update their apps as quickly as possible to take advantage of the opportunity available with this release,” says Matt Gillis, Millennial Media’s EVP, Global Product & Platform.