Millennial Media Releases S.M.A.R.T Report For May, Now Boasts 82% Reach Of Mobile Web

It’s that time of the month again- Millennial Media has published its S.M.A.R.T report for the month of May, in which it highlights mobile advertising stats and trends as seen from its massive network.

To start things off, the U.S. mobile Web increased by approximately 3%, from 73.2M to 75.3M users.  Millennial’s unique reach increased 2.5% in April, from 60M to 61.5M unique users month-over-month, equaling an 82% reach of the mobile Web in total.  Millennial Media’s network now includes 11 of Nielsen’s Top 25 sites.

This month’s campaign destination mix revealed that mobile Web destinations represented over 77% of the mix, proving more and more brands are committed to a sustained mobile brand presence.  In terms of “post-click” campaign actions, “watch video” increased to reach 23% of campaign actions in May, while advertisers increasingly promoted their app and used an app download as a post-click campaign action to engage with consumers.

The always interesting “quick stats” provided in the report (image above) revealed an impressive 85% increase in advertisers’ spend on rich media, while the number of ads requested per page view was 1.03.  Gaming was the top mobile app channel in May, while sports-focused apps in Millennial’s network has grown a substantial 279% since the beginning of 2010.  As always, there’s much more included in the actual report, which can be found here.