Millennial Media Releases Mobile Advertising SDK For Windows Phone 7 Platform

Millennial Media recently announced in a blog post the availability of a new mobile advertising SDK tailored for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform.

“Although we have been providing monetization services for current Windows Mobile developers, we have now extended a toolkit for developers to much more easily integrate ads into their applications, while providing rich and engaging experiences to the advertisers across all Windows Phone 7 Applications,” the company said in its post.

A beta version of the SDK has been making the rounds with developers over the last few months, and the official launch version promises all the same functionality offered in similar SDKs for Android and iOS devices.  Some of the features for mobile advertisers found in all of the company’s SDKs include:

  • A fully supported Silverlight and XNA SDK
  • Rich set up development tools to insert ads where and how the developer chooses, while still providing easy integration
  • Full Rich Media Support for Silverlight applications
  • Interactive Ad Units for Agencies and Creative Shops
  • Interstitial Ad Support for Silverlight applications