Millennial Media Releases 2009 “Year-In-Review” S.M.A.R.T Report

Millennial Media Releases 2009 Year-In-Review S.M.A.R.T ReportMillennial Media is the first to admit its feelings towards 2009 being the so-called “year of mobile,” as opposed to this year or any other that supposedly held the moniker.  To back up its position, Millennial has released a unique S.M.A.R.T report (Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting) to detail some quick and interesting facts about 2009 in a simple year-in-review.

As seen through Millennial’s network, the top 5 smartphone devices in 2009, in terms of impression share, was the iPhone in first place, followed in order by the Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Pearl, T-Mobile/HTC G1 and the Blackberry Storm.  Apple OS impressions increased 357% from January to December 2009, backing up its number one position, while RIM OS impressions grew 90% in the same period, proving how far RIM devices have come in terms of mobile Web usage.

In terms of engagement, the average user-session time in 2009 was 5:02, while the average monthly ad requests per page view was 1.06.  Audience campaigns experienced a 153% CTR lift in 2009, while 17% of advertisers used rich media on a monthly basis.  In total, Millennial finished out the year with 3,759 devices in its network, a 353% increase in deal size year-over-year, a whopping 756% increase in brand-business and a 54% increase in advertisers overall.

With these kind of numbers, it’s easy to agree that 2009 could have held the title of “year of mobile,” though it will be interesting to see these same figures next year for comparison.  Any way you cut it, mobile advertising is growing at a break-neck pace, and a quick overview of stats to quantify things is always welcomed.