Millennial Media Publishes Third Volume of Mobile Intel Series

On Wednesday, mobile ad network giant Millennial Media published a new report on mobile advertising in the finance industry.

This is the third volume of Millennial Media’s Mobile Intel Series and one of the most eye-opening reports the company has released to date.

The report, as you might expect, examines who the mobile finance audience is and what brands are currently doing in the space.

Based on the study’s findings, finance was the number one global vertical on the Millennial Media platform in 2011. From 2010 to 2011, Finance grew over 300%.

Perhaps not surprisingly, mobile banking was the finance sub-category accessed most frequently by consumers. 35 percent accessed banking content once a week, and 22 percent accessed it almost every day.

Lead Generation/Registration was by far the most popular campaign goal for finance advertisers, making up 70 percent of all campaigns.

Another valuable gem of data uncovered is that mobile finance users are risk takers—48 percent identify themselves as such, compared to 35 percent of the total mobile audience.

Curiously, mobile finance users are also 95 percent more likely to be influenced by a celebrity endorsement than the overall mobile audience.

To check out the fascinating new report for yourself, click here.