Millennial Media Publishes First “Mobile Mix” Report, Focusing On Devices And Mobile OSs

Millennial Media Publishes First Mobile Mix Report, Focusing On Devices And Mobile OSsMillennial Media publishes insight into the world of mobile advertising with its monthly S.M.A.R.T reports, and has now decided to begin publishing a second monthly report dedicated to mobile devices, their manufacturers and mobile operating systems as well.

Dubbed the “Mobile Mix,” the new report tracks and publishes the latest monthly mobile device trends as seen through its vast network, and serves up some pretty interesting data along the way.  Each month, the report will include the top 15 device manufacturers, top 20 mobile phones, a device input mix, U.S. carrier mix, U.S. smartphone/feature phone/connected device share, U.S. smartphone OS share and device & OS quick stats.

Starting things off with a report for March, Millennial indicates Apple’s impression share continues to increase to remain the number one device manufacturer in its network- following a six-month trend that began last October.  While Apple represented 40% of impressions for March, manufacturers supporting Android-based devices represented over 50% of the top 15 manufacturers on its network.

Smartphones continue to lead the pack in terms of device type, accounting for 40% of the top 20 mobile phones in March, while Samsung dominated the device mix with four of the top 10 mobile phones in Millennial’s network.  An interesting stat Millennial added to its report recently, the “device input” mix, shows how far touch-screen devices have come with consumers.  In March, touch-screen-based impressions accounted for 55% of the total network share.

As always, these reports provide an interesting glimpse into how mobile advertising is being used, perceived and leveraged, while the new Mobile Mix report provides equally insightful data into how mobile devices are being used in the equation.