Millennial Media Offers Insight for Retail Brands

Millennial Media Offers Insights for Retail BrandsMillennial Media’s newest report from the Mobile Intel Series focuses specifically on the retail industry.

One of the most in-depth reports we’ve seen from the ad network, the publication – which was produced with the team at comScore – contains insightful info on everything from what campaign goals retail advertisers have, to the most popular in-store activities consumers are undertaking on their mobile phones.

Key findings in the new report indicate that the amount of time spent in retail content on smartphones has grown 385 percent since 2010, and combined, more time is now spent on smartphones and tablets than desktop.

All told, the mobile retail audience (people who engage with retail content on their phones) skews slightly male, and over 50 percent of consumers have a household income greater than $75,000.

According to MM’s findings, the most popular in-store mobile activities for men were comparing product prices, scanning barcodes and researching product features. The most popular in-store activities for women were sending pictures of products to family/friends and finding coupons.

As far as advertising is concerned, retail advertisers spend an average of 3X more in Q4 than the rest of the year.

Not surprisingly, increasing store traffic was the top campaign goal for retail advertisers and was the primary goal in 37 percent of retail campaigns (compared to just 9 percent of campaigns on our platform overall).

The second leading goal was driving site/mobile traffic , which was the top goal for 34 percent of retail campaigns.

To learn more or to download the new report from Millennial Media, click here.