Millennial Media: Mobile Web Grows To 89M Users, Finance Ad Vertical Grows 802 Percent

Millennial Media today published its monthly S.M.A.R.T report for November, chocked full of data related to mobile advertising as seen from its vast network.

Millennial reports the U.S. mobile Web grew to 89M users in November, of which Millennial reaches 8 out of 10 users, or 76M total.  In terms of mobile advertising by vertical, the most surprising data in the report for this month was the massive growth seen in finance, retail and telecommunications.  The financial services category grew an astounding 802% year-over-year, while retail and restaurants grew an equally impressive 745%.  The telecommunications vertical grew by over 719% year-over-year.

In terms of engagement, Millennial reports that 39% of campaigns on its network drove to a custom landing page in November, with a number of retail brands creating custom landing pages for holiday promotions to drive additional foot traffic in-store.  Further illustrating this activity, Millennial also saw the post-click campaign action ‘Store Locator/View Map’ increase 18% month-over-month.

The targeting method “GEO” experienced the largest month-over-month growth of 9% and represented 39% of the Campaign Targeting Mix in November, according to the report.  Regional Retail Department stores with holiday promotions, Entertainment brands with international movie releases, and various Tourism boards promoting last-minute holiday travel specials leveraged this highly-effective method last month.

For a full breakdown, here on over to Millennial to download the full report.