Millennial Media Mobile Mix: Apple Still #1, iPad Requests Grow 160%

Millennial Media today published its Mobile Mix device index report for the month of May, where it looks at varying mobile devices, their OSs, carriers and other data as seen from its vast mobile advertising network.

Looking at mobile devices in general, smartphones accounted for 46% of Millennial’s “connected device impressions share,” with feature phones taking 39% of the share and various other “connected devices” making up the other 15%.  When it comes to mobile advertising, there’s no doubt smartphones reign supreme.  In terms of smartphone OS share, Apple’s OS dominated the mix (as usual) at 48% overall, with RIM coming in second at 19% and Android a close third at 15%.

Speaking of Android, the OSs ad requests have grew 15% month-over-month, and since January, has grown a substantial 338% overall.  Likewise, the iPad showed the strongest growth of any connected device, with ad-requests growing 160% month-over-month.

A new section was added to the report this month that details mobile developer trends, showing that 90% of developers in its network utilize a single platform, as opposed to just 10% which utilize multiple platforms.  In terms of specific platforms, Apple again dominates, with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platform accounting for 56% of development share, and Android accounting for 29%.  In terms of app channels ranked by popularity with developers, games came in first, with social networking apps second and weather apps coming in third.  There’s many more tidbits provided in the report, so head on over and download it for yourself.