Millennial Media Looks to The Stars for Mobile Advertising’s ‘Horoscope’

What’s written in the stars for mobile?

In a really interesting new interview conducted by Matt Gillis, SVP of Global Monetization Solutions at Millennial Media, we get an inside look at how has benefited from mobile advertising and developing its mobile attributes.

Although you would expect the organization to “see” this coming, it looks like mobile has led to even more success for than originally anticipated.

“iOS is our largest platform,” Aaron Thies, Ad Operations Manager for, tells Millennial Media, “but we also have applications for Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPad. The Windows user base is still relatively small, but we’re hoping to grow that now that Nokia has committed itself to the platform. It seems like consumer adoption is increasing there, so we’re excited to see what happens.”

According to Thies, his company monetizes its platform through advertising. “Online,” he says, “we just launched ‘ Self-serve Ads,’ an automated ad buying system for advertisers to quickly choose and buy display ads on our website. Now advertisers with smaller budgets can test ad campaigns on If the initial launch is successful online, we plan to extend our offering to include automated mobile banner ad purchases for both our mobile website and in-app.”

For us, the biggest change we’ve seen is the shift in traffic from online to mobile. Many users are going to our app, but they are also opting for the simplicity of our mobile website.

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