Millennial Media Launches New Mobile Advertising SDKs for Android & iOS, Debuts New “Client Ads” Solution

Millennial Media announced recently that its updated its mobile advertising SDKs for both Android and iOS, as well as introduced a new solution called “Client Ads.”

Client Ads is a new initiative to allow developers to sell campaigns directly to their own advertisers, while using Millennial’s ad-serving platform to make it all happen.  Developers can run “client ads” in conjunction with Millennial’s traditional ads or even with their own in-house ads to maximize reach and effectiveness.  In addition, the company has updated its developer portal called mmDev, making the set-up of in-house ads even easier while updating reporting and providing additional metrics for developers.

The company’s updated SDKs for Android and iOS bring a host of new features and updates, including full support for iOS 5, improved interstitial controls, advanced targeting capabilities, and improved video interstitial callbacks.  For much more information, visit Millennial’s Development Center.