Millennial Media Introduces New Mobile Measurement Products

Millennial Media Introduces New Mobile Measurement ProductsOn Monday, Millennial Media shared with MMW details of the independent leader in mobile advertising’s newest offering.

The company is rolling out Omni Measurement Solutions, a suite of measurement products designed to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of mobile campaigns.

The new solutions will combine Millennial Media’s extensive first party data with best-in-class third party data sources to show the impact on key advertiser metrics driven by a campaign.

“Measurement is one of the most important issues in mobile advertising today,” says Mollie Spilman, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing, Millennial Media. “Brands need to feel confident that the dollars they are spending in mobile advertising are truly moving the needle, and our Omni Measurement Solutions represent the most comprehensive, data rich solution at this scale in mobile advertising.”

For every measurement product in the Omni Measurement Solutions suite, the company says, Millennial Media partners with a third party, and matches mobile IDs against exposed and control groups to judge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with target audiences.

Data analytics company Neustar and location analytics firm Placed are among the launch partners.

Millennial Media will offer end-of-campaign reports that will accurately show the impact on advertiser KPIs, and give advertisers credible and qualified insights to use for future marketing efforts, today’s announcement asserted.