Millennial Media Inks Deal with Adsmovile to Boost Mobile Advertising in Latin America

Millennial Media Inks Deal with Adsmovile to Boost Mobile Advertising in Latin AmericaMillennial Media confirmed to MMW on Thursday that the leading ad network has reached a new strategic partnership with Adsmovil, the principal mobile ad network in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic markets.

The deal extends Millennial Media’s media platform deep into South America, Central America and Mexico.

As a reuslt of this agreement, Adsmovil – a Cisneros Group company – will commercialize Millennial Media’s mobile advertising solutions in Latin America, enabling brands to engage consumers in the region.

With more than 400 million mobile users in Latin America, and smartphone penetration expected to reach almost 40 percent by 2016, according to eMarketer, Adsmovil will tap into Millennial Media’s first party data to enable brands to target these consumers on more than 45,000 sites and apps.

Among the many products that Adsmovil will be integrating to its suite of products are Millennial Media’s new Video Advertising Solutions.

“By partnering with Millennial Media, Adsmovil continues at the forefront of emerging trends in the Latin American mobile advertising industry,” explains Adriana Cisneros de Griffin, Vice Chairman & Director of Strategy of the Cisneros Group of Companies. “This partnership has great potential for all parties involved, presenting tremendous opportunities not only for Adsmovil and Millennial Media, but for all the advertising agencies and brands in the region as well.”