Millennial Media Improves Audience Targeting Across Screens

Millennial Media Improves Audience Targeting Across ScreensMobile ad network Millennial Media announced Tuesday at Mobile World Congress that its Millennial Media Exchange is rolling out to 20 additional countries.

Perhaps more notable, however, is the introduction of a new set of targeting features that provide brand and performance advertisers increased transparency and control over their mobile ad campaigns.

According to a statement from the company, MMX, launched out of a partnership between Millennial Media and AppNexus, provides advertisers and developers a “unique opportunity to buy and sell on a real-time, programmatic basis at scale.”

Included in the new targeting enhancements is the ability to reach consumers across desktop and mobile. Millennial Media matches and enhances AppNexus targeting identifiers, which allows advertisers to purchase impressions and run cross-screen campaigns in the same way they had previously purchased display impressions.

“We believe that programmatic ad technology is critical to enabling cross-device targeting with exceptional control and performance for the world’s largest marketers,” says Ryan Christensen, VP of Product at AppNexus. “Together with Millennial Media, we are accelerating advertisers’ ability to reach cross-screen audiences seamlessly, effectively, and at exchange scale.”