Millennial Media Highlights Stable Smartphone Landscape in New Mobile Mix Report

On Tuesday, Millennial Media published its latest Mobile Mix Report which indicates that little has changed in the smartphone landscape since the latest report was issued.

Once again in October, Android topped Millennial Media’s usage share charts (as it has for eleven straight months) as the smartphone platform landscape remained largely unchanged. All told, Millennial Media’s mobile ad network served 56% of impressions to Android devices, 28% to iOS devices and 13% to BlackBerrys in October – identical to the data we’ve seen since late September.

Apple remained the leading manufacturer on the platform, and the iPhone remained the leading mobile phone. Android remained the top OS when combining Smartphone & Connected Device impressions.

Of note this month, however, is that Millennial Media had a feature phone (The Samsung Freedom) in its list of the top 20 phones for the first time in months. Additionally, the hugely popular mobile ad network also saw a large increase in impressions coming over Wi-Fi networks, which speaks to the continued rise of tablet and smartphone use.

Impressions coming over a Wi-Fi network increased 19 percent month-over-month, and accounted for 35 percent of all impressions. Impressions from touch screen devices similarly grew 44 percent year-over-year and made up 69 percent of total impressions on Millennial Media’s platform.

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