Millennial Media Helping National Geographic Channel with ‘Killing Lincoln’

This Sunday marks the world premiere of the National Geographic Channel’s first original factual drama, “Killing Lincoln,” which is based on Bill O’Reilly’s best-selling book of the same name.

To help raise awareness ahead of the film’s debut, mediahub/Mullen and Millennial Media have teamed with the National Geographic Channel. Together, they will work to drive tune-in for this weekend’s first presentation of the eagerly anticipated film.

The one-day promotion, Millennial Media tells MMW, uses the ad network’s Mobile Audience Solutions. That is, the campaign will be targeted specifically to audiences using home Wi-Fi networks, ensuring that consumers will most likely be near a TV.

Millennial Media says the campaign will also run exclusively on tablets, allowing National Geographic Channel to reach the growing base of consumers who are using tablets to complement their television watching experience.

It’s  worth calling out that throughout the date of the premiere the creative will dynamically update to reflect what is going on in the show, so depending on when the viewer sees the ad, they will see different info about the documentary.

“When the goal of a campaign is to reach a co-viewing audience and drive tune-in to a timely event like a television premiere, it’s important to make sure the creative is eye-catching and instantly pulls in the consumer,” says Marcus Startzel, an executive with Millennial Media. “The use of video in the Killing Lincoln creative leverages the large tablet canvas, and the dynamic nature of the unit ensures that consumers will always be seeing the most relevant content.”

Killing Lincoln airs Sunday, February 17th at 8pm ET/PT.