Millennial Media Explores Auto Industry in New SMART Report

Millennial Media Explores Auto Industry in New SMART ReportMillennial Media has just published it latest SMART report, which takes a deep dive into the Auto industry.

As usual, there is no shortage of insightful information present.

Retail was the largest vertical on MM’s platform in Q2 and grew spend by 413 percent year-over-year.

Seven different verticals grew spend by over 100 percent year-over-year, including Government Services, which entered our top 10 verticals for the first time.

Overall, campaigns from car manufacturers made up 72 percent of total spend from the Automotive vertical, followed by Local Dealerships and Auto Repair/Services.

According to MM’s data, 70 percent of auto campaigns utilized a “Site Search” feature, which was more than 2X the average for MM’s whole platform. Car manufacturers often drove consumers to a landing page or mobile site, where they could search for info on numerous different car models.

In Q2, the top audience that engaged with automotive ads on Millennial Media’s platform was “In-Market Auto Buyers.” This was followed by Soccer Fans and Parents.

To check out the full report for yourself, click here.