Millennial Media Dives Into Mobile Advertising in Entertainment

On Thursday morning, Millennial Media published it’s latest Mobile Intel Series report, which takes a deep dive on mobile advertising in the entertainment industry.

The new entertainment edition of the always eagerly anticipated “Mobile Intel” reports follows other recent verticals explored through the series, including auto and finance.

In-depth and insightful, the report covers both what entertainment advertisers are doing as well as what makes the audience that consumes mobile entertainment content unique.

Among the more interesting discoveries:

  • 71 percent of all entertainment campaigns give consumers the option to watch a video as a post-click action. This was significantly higher than the overall mobile average of 24 percent.
  • 27 percent of entertainment campaigns used mCommerce, which was more than double the average for all advertisers.
  • The amount of entertainment content accessed on mobile devices increased 82 percent from December 2010 to December 2011

Not surprisingly, Millennial Media says, the top audiences entertainment advertisers targeted were “Movie Buffs,” “Entertainment Fans” and “Music Fans.”

To learn more about the new report, check it out here.