Millennial Media Details Successful RIch Media Mobile Campaign for Green Lantern Debut Across Europe

To gear up for the pan-European release of the movie Green Lantern this summer, mobile advertising powerhouse Millennial Media teamed up with Warner Bros. and their agency, Odyssey Mobile Interaction, to create a unique rich media mobile campaign to drive engagement and mobile views of the film’s trailer.

It was determined that Millennial wanted to give consumers a visual experience that was reflective of a superhero film like Green Lantern, and decided to deliver an expandable rich media banner that let consumers “imprint their fingerprint” on the ad to bring up an HD trailer for the film.  Since the film was released across Europe at different times during the summer, it required staggered and localized campaigns to support the unique release schedule.  As such, the initial campaign launched in the UK in mid-June, and crossed Germany, France and Spain before ending in Italy at the end of August.

The collective campaign turned out to be extremely effective, as consumers responded positively to the interactive nature of the creative.  In the end, a total of 20 percent of consumers who clicked on the banner engaged with the “fingerprint scan” and over 70 percent of those users went on to watch the trailer.  Chris Gale, of Odyssey Mobile Interaction, summed it up nicely by saying that “the end result was an impactful unit, which drove strong results and clearly resonated with consumers.”

Well thought-out, creatively-executed rich media campaigns is what Millennial has done a great job perfecting in recent years and this campaign is a prime example of this.  Below is a brief video demo of the campaign in action.