Millennial Media & comScore Publish In-Depth Whitepaper On Mobile Advertising For Retail

Millennial Media has teamed with comScore to publish an in-depth whitepaper on mobile advertising within the retail industry as part of the former’s new “Mobile Intel” series.

Covering everything from the opportunity retailers are presented with in terms of mobile advertising, to trends, stats, campaign examples and much more, the new 20-page whitepaper takes a deep dive into how retailers can fully leverage the mobile channel.  The report includes data from comScore’s recent Mobile Retail Study that surveyed consumers with three key objectives in mind: 1.) Explore the mobile retail industry and understand its growth; 2.) Delve into the demographics and behavior of mobile retail consumers; and 3.) Understand exactly how mobile is being utilized throughout the purchase funnel.

With so much data and insight included in the report, I suggest you head on over and download for yourself, but here’s a few quick bullet points…

  • Over 13 million consumers accessed retail content on their mobile phone in a given month; 2.2 million accessed some sort of retail content almost every day.
  • Mobile retail users tend to be more affluent than the total mobile audience; Ranked by income, the $100,000k+ bracket is the leading demographic for mobile retail users.
  • Consumers rely on their mobile devices to guide them through every step of the purchase process, from determining if they need a product (52% of respondents), to making a purchase (38%), to evaluating a product post-purchase (12%). Advertisers can capitalize upon this behavior to reach consumers on mobile, regardless of where they are in the purchase funnel.
  • 21% of survey respondents made a purchase using their mobile phone in the last month, not including app store application purchases. Consumers bought a wide range of items, led by consumer electronics, followed by clothing/accessories, food, entertainment tickets, and travel-related purchases.
  • Brands in eight different retail subcategories invested in mobile on Millennial’s network in April 2011, from department stores to computers & electronics retailers to luxury fashion brands.