Millennial Media Chief Named to IAB Board of Directors

On Wednesday, it was announced that Paul Palmieri, President and CEO of Millennial Media, has been named to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) Board of Directors.

The appointment of Palmieri is also significant in that he becomes the first mobile ad executive to serve on the board.

Millennial Media, a leading independent mobile advertising and data platform, says Palmieri will be an executive voice for the challenges and opportunities in the mobile app economy for the IAB.

“Mobile has taken a prominent place in the digital media business, and it is essential that we align our focus with other digital media companies to drive the growth of this evolving space,” says Palmieri. “Millennial Media is known as a leader throughout the mobile advertising ecosystem, and as a member of the IAB Board, I look forward to helping mobile grow as a key focus area within the organization.”

At present, the IAB Board currently consists of approximately 40 senior executives from the largest media companies in the world, including Amazon, CBS Interactive, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Facebook, Hearst, Meredith, MTV, and Univision.

The addition of Palmieri underscores the IAB’s recognition that the mobile ad industry requires a voice at the most senior levels of the media and advertising industries.

“Paul’s expertise and insights will prove invaluable to the IAB Board of Directors as we take digital advertising and marketing to the next level,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO of IAB. “With smartphones and tablets having become an integral part of the landscape, his experience and deep knowledge of the mobile marketplace is a great benefit to our mission and members.”