Millennial Media CEO Responds To Apple’s iAd

Millennial Media CEO Responds To Apple's iAdWith Apple’s foray into the world of mobile advertising, we’re taking the time to see what other mobile advertising companies think about the whole thing.  Millennial Media, one of the larger mobile-ad networks in existence, has been watching the evolution closely, and the company’s CEO, Paul Palmieri, recently issued a response regarding what he thinks iAd means to the mobile advertising industry.

“Congratulations to Apple for entering the mobile media market; we welcome them to the advertising industry as an innovative company who has done a lot for the mobile industry,” Palmieri said in a blog post.  “What was really exciting about Apple’s announcement was that they appeared to embrace an open mobile ecosystem, which will continue to propel the industry forward and secondly, they created even more attention for the mobile ad space which will drive increased investment in R&D.”

He then goes on to dissect the various elements of the announcement, including the deep integration of the platform, creative new ad-formats, what it means for developers and search.  “Few reporters picked up on this—mobile ad networks and mobile ad platforms are one and the same, and the innovators in this industry,” he explained.  “Only a very small number, to include Millennial Media are truly driving the industry’s thought leadership, capabilities and astonishing growth.  In Q1 2010 we delivered over 5X the revenue of the same period in 2009 (a huge growth year).  Apple couldn’t build a mobile ad business and technology platform themselves in time to be involved in the sweet spot of the opportunity.  We applaud their move.”

The best part of his response came with the line; “Was Apple’s iAds announcement a game-changer?  No. What Apple did, more than anything, was something our industry needed—add even more validity that mobile media is no longer “emerging”.  Well said indeed.