Millennial Media Becomes Premium Member Of The MMA, Updates Android SDK

Millennial Media has been busy lately.  The mega mobile advertising provider has announced a fully-updated Android SDK along with news it’s become a premium member of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) — a select group that includes the likes of Microsoft, Coca Cola, the Tribune Company and Google.

Already active as a long-standing member of the MMA, Millennial Media will assume a leadership role moving forward in developing an industry wide MMA Mobile Marketing Guide which will draw on in-depth research across the industry to capture the state of the global mobile market.

“Supporting the development of the MMA’s Mobile Marketing Guide, globally, is consistent with Millennial Media’s commitment to mobile research and thought leadership,” the company said in a release.  “The company has issued more than 40 mobile advertising research reports over the past four and a half years.”  Cited more than 3,000 times; the company’s monthly reports include the Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART)™ which highlights mobile advertising reach, targeting and engagement trends, and the Mobile Mix: The Device Index, which highlights key mobile devices, OS, and application trends from the company’s network — both of which we cover each and every month on MMW.

Speaking of the company’s reports, last month’s Mobile Mix indicated that Android had surpassed iOS and now accounts for more than 50% of all Smartphone impressions on its network.  To coincide with this growth and added developer interest, Millennial also announced an updated Android SDK today.  The latest version, 4.1, aims to “help developers take full advantage of the campaigns on our network yielding the highest CPMs – particularly those utilizing Full Page Video Ads,” the company said in a blog post.  Among the updates, highlights include:

  • Creates a quicker, smoother Full Page Video Ad experience with cached video content
  • Allows interactive elements to be displayed during Full Page Video Ad play, delivering a more engaging experience that yields a higher CPM
  • Enables transparency for parts of Full Page Image Ads creating a more immersive ad experience that results in a higher CPM
  • Simplifies integration of SDK code for use in conversion tracking and performance ads, delivering better fill rates and higher eCPM
  • Allows XML layout as an alternative implementation of Millennial Media’s SDK