Millennial Media Answers The ‘Call of Duty’

Millennial Media has a lot to be proud of about the year that is rapidly winding to a close. The latest successful enterprise was born through partnership with Activision and MEC Global. Together with Millennial Media, the trio is behind a new mobile advertising campaign for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

What better medium than mobile to push the latest installment of one of the most popular video game franchises in the world?

The campaign in question features a cool creative unit that taps into the phone’s native camera feature to allow consumers to insert themselves into the ad. In fact, the campaign is the first to use Millennial Media’s new Photo Shoot rich media feature, which leverages the camera functionality of mobile devices to present an interactive, social experience not possible in any other medium.

The creative unit is running as both an expandable banner and an interstitial, and when a consumer encounters the ad, an image appears of an official Call of Duty: Black Ops soldier, with a custom animation in the background featuring white smoke moving across the screen. The consumer is then prompted with the ability to call up their camera, and once a picture is taken, the face of the person in the photo is inserted onto the image of the soldier, bringing out “the soldier in all of us.”

“The Photo Shoot ad unit is one of many rich media features we offer that takes advantage of the native capabilities of the mobile device,” said Gavin Stirrat, MD, EMEA, Millennial Media. “One of the inherent advantages to advertising in mobile is the ability to leverage these uniquely mobile features, and this is an example of how to do that in a way that will boost engagement.”

To check out how this wicked cool campaign actually looks in action, click here.