Millennial Media Announces Partnership with MediaVest

On Monday, Millennial Media announced a new partnership with MediaVest, the clients of which include such brand heavyweights as Coke, Comcast, and Microsoft.

All told, the deal boils down to mobile data. Specifically, Millennial Media will provide MediaVest with customized reports around mobile audiences, giving them unique insights into who their campaign resonated with. As a result, when a client runs a campaign, Millennial Media can tell them how their campaign performed against audiences they may not have specifically targeted.

MediaVest will also gain access to Millennial Media’s “Audience Insight” reports, where brand advertisers can see data on the impact their campaigns made on over 600 real-world consumer audience categories.

MediaVest clients will then be able to leverage the data and insights to optimize ad spend in both online and offline media.

As new technology solutions emerge, MediaVest clients will serve as alpha and beta partners, and will play a key role in determining the evolution of specific products.

“MediaVest has been a leader in leveraging data and insights to drive ROI for their clients,” says Marcus Startzel, an executive with Millennial Media. “As agencies like MediaVest continue to invest in mobile technology, they will better position clients to capitalize on consumers’ shift to media consumption through mobile channels.”

To learn more, check out Millennial Media’s official website here.