Millennial Media: Android Ad-Requests Up 1,238% Since January, iOS Still Number One

Millennial Media has published its monthly Mobile Mix report for September, detailing some surprising statistics in relation to Android and iOS growth as seen through its network.  In addition, Millennial has added revenue as a new data point for the report, drilled down by mobile OS.

For September, Android revenue on Millennial’s network exceeded iPhone-only revenue for the first time, while iPad revenue growth increased 316% during Q3.  Speaking of iPad data, impression growth was up 156% during the same time period.  In general, Apple’s iOS took the top spot overall, with 49% of impressions on Millennial’s network — up 1% since August.  Android remains the number two OS since July, growing 2% month-over-month to a 29% share of impressions.

The most interesting data point to me was in relation to Android growth from an impression standpoint.  Since January, Millennial reports Android-based ad-requests are up an astonishing 1,238%, while month-over-month growth remains high at 26%.  Apple ad-requests increased 10% month-over-month and since January, Apple has increased 18% overall.  The iPad saw the strongest growth, with ad requests rising 63% month-over-month, and RIM ad requests increased 16% month-over-month — up by 143% since January.  For much more, head on over to Millennial Media and download the full report.