Millennial Media Acquires Mobile Analytics Firm TapMetrics

Millennial Media Acquires Mobile Analytics Firm TapMetricsMillennial Media, coming off yet another strong growth year in 2009, announced this morning that its acquired San Francisco-based TapMetrics, a mobile analytics startup focused on application usage and user behavior.

Focusing on mobile apps, TapMetrics allows developers to analyze all aspects of their applications- tracking analytics, reviews, revenue, and more from a simple Online dashboard.  The company’s offerings fit well within Millennial’s thriving development community, and will provide developers with a unique insight into how their apps are performing.

“The market has recognized Millennial Media as the leader in mobile advertising.  As a result of their deep commitment to advertisers, they deliver the best business partnership and monetization for mobile companies – particularly developers,” said Chris Brown, Co-Founder and CEO, TapMetrics. “What is exciting to us is that Millennial Media now has the only scalable solution for developers that doesn’t contain an operating system bias, making Millennial Media the natural partner for us.”

With the inclusion of TapMetrics, Millennial can now offer developers capabilities such as real-time analytics, user interaction data, feature and version adoption, device types, crash reporting, review tracking and a competitive ratings system, while integrating seamlessly with Millennial’s existing solutions.

We reported recently on Millennial’s 2009 “Year in Review” that included some huge numbers in terms of the growth Millennial has experienced over the past year.  The company’s brand business grew 756%, while its performance business grew 171%.  Non-U.S. impressions increased 175% year over year, and the average deal size increased 353%.  With numbers like this, it’s only natural to begin a growth-by-acquisition strategy, though I’ve always thought Millennial would be the one to get acquired.

“When we raised our growth round of financing in November, we stated that we would make investments to accelerate our growth,” said Michael Avon, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Millennial Media. “We are acquiring TapMetrics, because the company shares our approach to serve the needs of developers, regardless of mobile platform.  In addition, TapMetrics’ data and analytics capabilities complement our company’s own focus and development plans.  We continue to actively evaluate other potential acquisitions to further expand our business.”