Millennial: Android & iOS Tied For Mobile Ad Impressions, Games Remain Top Apps

Millennial Media today published its monthly “Mobile Mix” report for November, in which — for the first time ever — Android and iOS are tied in terms of mobile advertising impressions on the company’s network.

The platform wars continue, as both iOS and Android each attracted 38 percent of all impressions during November, while RIM took third place with 19% and Windows Phone 7 tied with Symbian for fourth — each with just 2% of network impressions.  Smartphones continue to dominate, as Millennial reports they accounted for 58% of all impressions in November.

Focusing on smartphones applications, Millennial reports that Android dominated the platform mix (in terms of revenue generated) with a 54% share, while iOS trailed with 39%.  What’s most interesting is data on which platforms developers are most likely to support going into 2011.  According to a survey included in the report, Android tops the list there as well, with 29% of all respondents favoring it over others.  Windows Phone 7 and iPad tied for second place, each with 20% of respondents favoring them.

As always, there’s much more in the actual report, which can be downloaded here.