Mike Wehrs Resigns Post As CEO Of MMA

Mike Wehrs Resigns Post As CEO Of MMAThe Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today announced that Mike Wehrs has resigned the post of CEO and President effective Dec. 31st, 2009- only a year after signing on.

Until the board can find a replacement, Wehrs will take on the role of Special Advisor to the MMA Global Executive Committee until June 30th 2010 to ensure a smooth transition, while MMA Global Chairman Federico Pisani Massamormile will serve as interim CEO.

Though only at the helm for a short while, Wehrs made a lasting impression to the MMA and membership organizations around the world.  Wehrs is credited among other things, with revitalizing the organization and introducing a number of important strategic efforts under his leadership.  Closer to home, Wehrs is credited with negotiating a landmark deal with US carriers in regards to Consumer Best Practice adoption- a victory that’ll surely leave a lasting impression for the mobile sector in the US for a long time to come.

During his tenure, MMA paid membership increased despite the economic conditions and the trends in many other trade associations, and increased its regional chapters in areas such as Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, North America and Latin America.  Within the past year, the MMA has conducted five Mobile Marketing Forums around the World, and further established partnerships with CTIA, GSMA, MRC, DMA and several other Trade Associations.

Most importantly though, the MMA has been at the forefront of establishing global guidelines for Mobile Advertising and the Code of Conduct, and this year has worked regionally to get adopted Consumer Best Practices, Mobile Ad Guidelines and other educational documents and professional certifications that were very much needed in the world of mobile marketing.

“As a Board Member within The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) both in the US and globally, I congratulate Mike Wehrs on a solid year,” Paul Palmieri, President & CEO, Millennial Media said in a statement.  “I am as sad to see him go, as I was happy upon his arrival earlier this year.  His presence and direction will be missed; however, we have a highly diverse and active board who will ensure the organization continues to support industry education and best practices in mobile advertising and mobile marketing until his replacement is named.“

A press release issued by the MMA regarding Wehrs resignation intimated Wehrs will be joining the commercial sector in one capacity or another, though no details as to what capacity that might end up being were disclosed.  With his keen knowledge of the mobile marketing industry and deep understanding of the inter-workings and compliance issues regarding mobile marketing, Wehrs will surely find continued success in the mobile industry.