Middle East Seeing Unprecedented Mobile Ad Growth

The Middle East is quickly becoming one of the fastest expanding markets in the world for mobile advertising.

In light of the rapid adoption of mobile technologies, smartphones, and tablets across the Middle East, mobile advertising is already on the rise and will rise dramatically in the coming years.

Published reports suggest that “spending on mobile advertising, especially on mobile display ads, in the Middle East is expected to reach $10 million in 2012, added that they predict the figure to grow annually from 15 to 20 percent.”

“The potential for mobile display ads in Jordan is large,” says Wael Quader, chief executive officer of Noqoush Mobile Media Group. “We see a trend nowadays where businesses in different sectors are seriously considering resorting to mobile advertising to reach out to a wider audience.”

Jawad Abbasi, founder and general manager of Arab Advisers Group, also predicts record growth for mobile advertising in the Middle East, but especially in Jordan.

“Mobile advertising, especially mobile display ads, is the future and it will get a bigger share than advertising in traditional media in the upcoming period,” said Abbassi. “In Jordan, the number of smartphones holders who use their devices to download apps and access the Internet is on the rise and mobile advertising is key in targeting those users.”