Microsoft’s Windows 8 Powered ‘Surface’ Finally Surfaces

Microsoft has officially unveiled its newest tablet computer as the software giant openly challenges Apple and it’s market leading iPad.

Launching with a modified version of Windows 8 called RT, the first Surface tablet will run $499 and feature a slightly larger-than-average display at 10.6 inches.

If you’re in a big hurry to get your hands on the new Surface tablet, you’re in luck. The device went on sale today at Microsoft’s retail stores and, naturally, its website. The first shipment, however, shouldn’t be expected for one to two weeks.

If you’re holding out for a Surface with Windows 8 Pro, you’ll still have to wait a few months, both for access and for a glimpse at the price tag.

“It’s not just a tablet, but it’s actually the best tablet I’ve ever used,” Windows chief Steven Sinofsky says. “It’s not just a laptop, but it’s the best laptop I’ve ever used.”

So… are you going to give the Surface tablet a try? Please weigh in with your thoughts below.